Mops & Brooms

12-16-20-24oz Synthetic Mop Head

Item Number Below

16oz Rayon mop head

Ideal for rugged cleaning on rough surfaces and high traffic areas. Made from a highly durable synthetic/rayon blended yarn with superior tensile strength properties

Item number 6153

12oz C$5.99

Item number 6155

16oz C$6.99

Item number 6158

20oz C$7.99

Item number 6167

24oz C$8.79


16-20-24oz Cotton Mop Heads

Item Number Below

16oz Cotton mop

Made with a durable cotton yarn and high absorbency and superior durability. Rugged cleaning in high traffic areas.

Item number 6150

16oz C$

Item number 6157

20oz C$

Item number 6151

24oz C$



16oz Looped Mop Head

Item Number 6152

16oz mop head

The best choice available in traditional wet mopping. Ideal for hospitals and nursing homes where high standards and strict equirements are easily satisfied. Looped-end construction allows for maximum floor coverage while eliminating tangling, fraying and linting.



54" Fibreglass Mop Handle

Item Number 6166

Lightweight. Made of reinforced, high-impact plastic. Designed to accommodate any size mop: both narrow and wide band. Features a unique lever which gives a new meaning to hands free. Simply snap lever open to insert new mop head or discard soiled mop head. Ideal for the most sanitary areas. 




Quick Change Wooden Handle Mop

Item Number 6165

This economical quick change mop handle is designed for both narrow and wide band mops of any size. All metal parts are zinc plated to retard corrosion while wing nut and mop pressure plate are brass plated to eliminate rusting. Ideal for narrow band mops. 



35-QT Mop Bucket & Wringer

Item Number 6170

The Continental 35 qt. blue mop bucket and wringer combo makes mopping a breeze with an easy-to-use design that includes an oval bucket and nested, side-press wringer.



48" Corn Broom 5 Bands

Item Number 6174

48" Corn Broom 


Large & Small Angle Brooms

Item Number Below

Item number 6175

large Angle Broom head only


Item number 6176

Small Angle Broom head only


Item number 6177

White Broom Pole



Lobby Dust Pan

Item Number 6172

Lobby Dust Pan



12" Black Dust Pan

Item Number 6173

12 Black plastic dust pan.



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